We are Bruce and Marianna.


Marianna is a retired medical editor and Bruce is a retired tool engineer.  We met while we were students at the University of Connecticut.  We married in 1956 and raised four children, two boys and two girls.  For the first 40 years of our married life, we lived in Wethersfield, Connecticut, the same town that Bruce grew up in.


In August 1996 we bought a small Safari Trek motorhome and six months later sold our house and became full-time RVers. For the next 4-1/2 years we roamed the contiguous United States. Our Kids had scattered all over the nation.  We traveled from coast to coast and back again, up and down both coasts many, many times and visited lots of places in between. We learned early on to spend the winters in a warm place. That warm place was an RV Park in the Rio Grande Valley of  South Texas.


The park had (and still has) a great computer club and we became computer and Internet literate. Marianna uses the computer for her varied writing projects. Bruce is involved in digital photography, digital video and web-mastering.  Our web pages have been our way of  sharing our experiences with our family and our friends since early  2001.


The winters became longer each year and we bought a park model mini-mobilehome in 2001 but continued to travel several months of the year for the next 6 or 7 years. Travels in our motorhome became less and less and in 2010 we hung up the keys and sold the motorhome.